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2012 CARNEVALE AT DONATELLO was a huge success !

In my hometown, Venezia, this is the day when the city, with its “campi” and “callette” (little squares and little streets) transforms itself in a living theatre where everything can happen.  Everybody, from the old to the young, from the person going to his office to the one serving you at the grocery» store, from the old man walking with a cane to the little child in its stroller is dressed with fancy or simple costume or just a mask on the face... and have fun, just fun.

It’s is a long tradition that goes back to the beginning of the first millenium and that at one point went so out of hand that a law was passed to regulate the use of masks and costumes and, most of all, behaviour... In the XVIII century Venezia becames famous in all the world as “the city of the Carneval” and its dancing parties, performances, masquerades became an attraction for thousands of visitors. Even today, on the two weeks of Carnival and especially on Fat Tuesday, the last day, Venezia is inundated by people who want to have fun and be a child again.

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